Sketch for Gandalf the Grey inspired by sketch dailies’ recent twitter post! Maybe my favorite character from fiction. I’m excited to find time to work on this!
Final sketch for personal piece I’ve been trying to squeeze in.
Anonymous asked:

do you have an email address to contact you with?

i do, but am not entirely comfortable broadcasting it via anonymous tumblr message.

Anonymous asked:

I love love love your Godzilla illustration. Would it be okay if I got it as a tattoo?

why not? i’d love to see photos if you did and be credited as the original designer :]

Work in Progress: sketched out all the tiger patterns. they put up a heck of a fight. mammals always give me a hard time. not sure what that’s about.
kinopia invited folks on twitter to draw themselves for #profilepictureday and I was pretty tired of my old one so here we go!
found some time tonight to continue working on my new piece “Tiger Oscars”

Anonymous asked:

windsor newton all the way! gouache is quite fun. can't wait to see what you create.

Thanks! I’ve been wanting to try it for a while. It looks like it really lends it’s self well to aesthetics with flat color like mine. I love how much subtle variety it has in texture, color, and value compared to digital.   

I’d really like to try my hand at gouache. Any recommendations for a good brand?

Poke’ Trainer Commission
This one was really fun. I think it works a little better than some of my other commissions because abra and raichu have such compatible color palettes. I didn’t have to take so many creative liberties with color composition this time. Cute pokemon for a cute couple~ 
Message me if interested in your own!
working on something for fun. hint: the fish are called tiger oscars.
Anonymous asked:

You should post up more sketches! Love 'em!

thanks! i think i will :]